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"Help U Buy" service

"Help U Buy" service

  • Saturday, 11 November 2023
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Nicekicksshop's "Help U Buy" service

In order to meet the needs of some customers and better reward the customers' support, we specially launch the "Help U Buy" service.

"Help U Buy" means that we can help you to buy the products you want on any shopping platforms in China, such as, etc. Most of the products on these shopping platforms may not be able to delivered to your country, but we can help you to buy them.

Normally, we will charge 20% of the price of the product as service fee, if the service fee does not reach 20 USD, we will charge 20 USD. We cooperate with the stable cross-border shipping company, which can deliver the products to your home smoothly, and you need to pay the shipping fee when we ship your order.

The final price of the product is = RMB price of the product /6.5 (the exchange rate of RMB against the USD) + Product price*20%(service fee, Min $20) + shipping fee (determined by the weight of the product)

Take purchasing the following leather jacket as an example

Price of this leather jacket: 429/6.5=66 USD

Service fee: 66USD*0.2=13.2 USD, less than 20 USD will be charged as 20 USD

Shipping cost: Leather jacket is about 1kg, shipping cost for 1kg is $25

The total price is 66 USD+20USD+25USD=111 USD.

We can help you buy clothes, jewelry, sports accessories, etc. Most products can be shipped except for live products. If you are interested in ordering, please contact the customer service, then send us a link or picture of the product, we will try our best to serve you.

You can click here to enter the "Help You Buy" service.

Customer service contact info:

Whatsapp/Wechat:   16167554653


Help U Buy

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